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Real Time Bidding, or RTB, in Programmatic Advertising for Financial Marketers

Real Time Bidding, or RTB, for Financial Marketers

Probably one of the most frequently searched digital acronyms among financial marketers is “What is RTB” or “What is real time bidding?” Interestingly, the concept of real time bidding will

Since 2010, Kona has been an integral part of the team at Zero Company. His steadfast determination to nap throughout the day has been an inspiration to us all. In addition to his many naps, he enjoys short walks, eating another dogs’ food and zooming from one end of a hallway to the other.
Leo’s main goal in life is to bark at people as they come into the office, even people he’s known for many years. He also enjoys lying in sunbeams and insisting that he needs to go for a walk and then spending 17 minutes sniffing a yucca plant. He has an extensive sweater collection, and a passion for eating grass and PPC management.

As our “Koalaty” Control Officer, Zero overlooks every aspect of our operation, ensuring that our company consistently provides the highest quality services for each client. When she’s not looking over our shoulders and pushing us to be our best, she is studying all things digital marketing. She enjoys eucalyptus leaves, blogging about PPC and reminding people how she is not actually a bear, but a marsupial.



Eben is an international dog of mystery. A world traveler, Eben often can be found in the wilds of Yosemite or perhaps sunning himself atop a mountain in Telluride. In addition to his many PR tasks, you often can find him gliding through Dana Point Harbor on a stand-up paddleboard.

You can follow Eben’s adventures on Instagram at EbenTheTravelingFrenchBulldog